Asha is the founder of Krishna Yoga studio and she has been teaching Yoga and training people to be yoga teachers for many years.
She was born in Kenya and her parents sent her to a boarding school in India when she was 7 years old.  Very serene place called ‘Gurukul’ where yoga was compulsory and practiced daily between 5 and 6 in the morning. When she left the boarding school, she came to UK and Yoga was forgotten.

While being in India for a holiday her daughter Anjali was a 17 years old and asked Asha to bring some books on Yoga which she did and since then both mother and daughter started practising yoga together. 

Asha’s training is Sivananda, Iyengar, Ashthanga and British Wheel of Yoga. She has taken the best from each of these disciples and has created her own style which is dynamic yet calming. People are constantly encouraged to listen to their body, respect their body and work at their own capacity.  Asha’s mantra is ‘Without the breath yoga is simply gymnasts’.

Each week the theme of the classes varies and she always remind her students to come back to the real essence of yoga and not just to the postures. She always finishes her classes with a guided Relaxation, Pranayama, Meditation and Chanting.

Asha is a Yoga Alliance Registered Senior Yoga Teacher and runs 200 hours Teacher Training courses.  She has helped many people to become successful yoga teachers.  Asha’s teacher training courses are unique and authentic which also includes Spirituality of yoga and how to teach Meditation and Pranayama.

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Pia comes from a dance background, having being a ballet dancer for more than 15 years.

She was introduced to yoga by her mum when she was a child and later on her ballet teacher used yoga as a way to warm up before dancing.
Pia started to attend formal yoga classes in 2009, completing the yoga teachers training course at Krishna Yoga in 2017.
Her style of yoga is Vinyasa Krama. Every class she creates a different sequence, starting with gentle warm up, flowing step by step to a main posture and then cooling down to finish with a guided relaxation, pranayama (breathing technique) and meditation. Her aim is to help students achieve a sound body and mind workout, finding a balance between challenge and being kind to themselves.